Julian Winn – Staff Writer


Julian Winn, 50 years old, living and working in the UK.

Julian is a healthcare professional who has cycled since childhood. “I didn’t drive until I was 26, so cycling was the way I got around and stayed fit. Unfortunately when I did get a driving licence and a car my cycling fizzled away to none. A few years ago I got the bug again and now cycle as often as I can. I call it training but I’m not really training for anything other than a general sense of well-being” says Julian. Covering up to 160 miles a week, Julian finds time to follow cycling events and races on the TV. “Satellite TV has revolutionised what I can see, and when; ask my wife, she can’t believe how many races get recorded to our satellite TV hard-disk”.

Joining the RadioShack Social Network, Julian has been writing race reports for the UK Fans group. “I enjoy writing and sharing my own enthusiasm for road racing and am delighted to be able to contribute articles to the Team RadioShack Cycling Fan Site.”

Impressed and inspired by Lance and all in Team RadioShack, Julian has a particular interest in specific individuals. “Chris Horner has been an outstanding cyclist this year and his GC victory in the Tour of the Basque Country was just spectacular. I have also been extremely impressed by Haimar Zubeldia, his riding in the Middle East and in Europe has been consistent and consistently high in the finishing positions. I really looking forward to seeing Lance, Chris, Haimar and the rest of the team excel as the season progresses.”

Beyond work and cycling Julian is a jazz enthusiast with what he describes as a ‘more than healthy’ collection of music and spends what remains of his spare time reading up on Ancient Greek philosophy and history.

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