Tour de France…Without Lance

Tour de France…Without Lance

A few years ago the Tour de France experienced a time of transition. For seven years Lance Armstrong stood on the podium wearing the yellow jersey. When he announced his retirement we all new things would change. Americans loved being represented by such a dominant champion.

The years between his retirement and comeback were interesting. We who were so moved by his courage and accomplishments had to make adjustments. We needed to transfer our support to riders that we had only admired before…and we had to let Lance go. It wasn’t easy because those seven years gave us a roller coaster ride of emotions. Not only was Lance loyal to his pursuits but we too were loyal in our support his pursuits.

The years between seemed more laid back…less exciting then when Lance announced his return to the sport we felt that old excitement begin to stir. His return caused such a stir in the media that cycling once more was brought to the forefront of sports headlines. Speculation was at an all time high. Can he return to form or will he be left behind by the new generation competitors?

We who have followed Lance Armstrong throughout his career experienced great passion as he once more stood on the podium. His struggles proved he still possessed the fight that won him seven tours. His feeling of accomplishment may not have been as complete as the pride we felt but everyone agrees it was a great win. After years away from one of the hardest sports in existence he truly accomplished his comeback.

Now that the General has closed this chapter of his life the soldiers who served with him are carrying on the fight….victory at all cost. It has already been a breakout year for Chris, Levi, and Andreas not to mention the younger upcoming guys on Team RadioShack.

We cycling fans are once again in transition and everything is gonna be alright. The pride we felt for him I believe he feels for them. We are looking forward to an exciting Tour where once again we will experience the adrenalin rush that no other sport can give. The sport of cycling will never be without Lance. He made his mark and the results of that mark will be with cycling forever. Viva Le Tour !

Danny Roberson