Chris Horner out of Tour de France 2011

Chris Horner out of Tour de France 2011

Chris Horner appears to have broken his nose and suffered a concussion with the nasty crash on stage 7 of the TDF that separated the main field about 37 mi from the finish. A concussion is a “jarring” of the brain caused by head trauma with the severity often being related to the time of “loss of consciousness”, and it appeared that Chris was knocked out at least briefly. This type of brain injury often results in confusion, visual changes, loss of coordination, poor judgement and memory. Headache with nausea and vomiting are quite common as well.

The decision to continue in sports immediately after a concussion has to be made based on the severity of symptoms by a skilled sports physician. Although it is a terrible blow to Team RadioShack, Horner will not start on stage 8. It would have been very dangerous to him and other riders if the concussion is severe.

After the accident, Chris was able to get back on his bike and continue riding, and that has to be the miracle of a good helmet.

Good Luck Chris!

By Rebecca Jackson, MD, staff writer