Beppu National Japanese Road Champion

Beppu National Japanese Road Champion

Team Radioshack‘s Japanese rider Fumiyuki Beppu has just won the Japanese Pro Road Championships in Hachimantai, Japan, just two weeks after winning the Japanese Time Trial Championships This is the second time that Beppu wins this title. First time was in 2006 where he also won the Time Trial Championships.

This year Beppu participated in Giro d’Italia for the first time, but it was not his first grand tour. In 2009, while still riding for Skil-Shimano, he rode Tour de France finishing 112th out of 180 riders. It was the first time ever that a Japanese rider completed a stint in Tour de France.

Fumiyuki Beppu‘s next big race will be in Tour of Austria, which starts July 3rd and ends July 10th.

Congratulations Beppu

Photo: Ian Jennings/