After the Jersey Comes the Bike Design!

After the Jersey Comes the Bike Design!

Well, the prototype jersey design for Team RadioShack was certainly a crowd…er a crowd…stimulator! Good to know that fans and foes alike care enough about this stuff to pass along not just their initial reactions but also constructive suggestions. We particularly enjoyed reading some of the comments from fans of other teams that don’t appear to like TRS much. They seemed unanimous in their support of this current design. Hmmmm.

To those of you out there that asked if anyone was listening to all the buzz, simple answer…YES! Enough already! Now, is the kit in for a complete overhaul by the time of the Tour Down Under? Come on, that’s 5 weeks away! Give us a break. Will we see tweaks? Oh yeah. US Postal, Discovery, even Astana uniforms – the only constant in those designs was the fact that they constantly changed.

So lets move on to something that’s likely to stimulate a new! The bike. Trek recently revealed the latest Madone design for ‘The Shack’ team bike. Now, before you start pulling up your online Thesaurus to conjure up new and unique words to articulate your feelings let’s just start each of your responses with ‘Thumbs Up” or “Thumbs Down,” okay? Feel free to elaborate afterwards, we like the comments. But vote first, critique later. For instance:

  • “Thumbs Up – I’m gonna steal one at the Tour of California! “ or, conversely,
  • “Thumbs Down – leave em in the hotel parking lot between stages, they’ll still be there in the morning!” or perhaps,
  • “Thumbs Sideways” I don’t follow cycling for fashion ideas and new paint schemes, I just want those babies in the front of the peloton.

Have fun. Be kind. Let the voting begin!

After commenting, you can go to our poll area: Team-Radioshack Polls

By George Hurst, staff writer